Speedball Workouts

Speedball workouts are dramatically enhanced when you do with a revolutionary SpeedBALL! Since our balls are smaller, slightly textured, and compressible, they are easier and more comfortable to grip. The shifting small hard rubber pellets in the center increase the challenge of the SpeedBALL tool!

Utilize in Speedball classes or for personal training, group conditioning, core classes, and boot camp!

Speedball Features

  • 1” smaller than traditional med ball
  • Customizable compressibility
  • Textured, non-slip grip
  • Shifting Rubber Speedball pellets
  • Utilize Speedballs in other formats and personal training

Get SpeedBALL

Speedball Instructor Training

Learn to teach the format and improve your group fitness skill set with this comprehensive live training. Select from a schedule live training date and location.


  • Pre-study videos
  • Speedball playlist
  • Full day with program creator Steve Feinberg focusing on movement breakdown, cueing, musicality, challenge sections, and a
  • Practical exam
  • Weight shifting SpeedBALL

The Speedball Fitness Core Trainer Pack

The Speedball Fitness Core Trainer Pack program includes a full Speedball Core class with standing and floor exercises PLUS Speedball Core Partner exercises.

You’ll learn:

  • 18 Speedball Core exercises to use in a conditioning class or with clients
  • Cueing and execution techniques

Speedball System with MetaBlast

Speedball is cardio and muscular endurance work that burns a ton of calories! We offer OPTIONAL progressions, but the basic movements are appropriate for all apparently healthy participants of all ages and ability. Our workouts are FUN and mentally engaging!

Fundamental Flow builds the 11 Speedball base techniques into a sequence that moves your body in every direction, burns calories and prepares you for more advanced Speedball workouts.

MetaBlast is an intense challenge where we vary tempo to increase intensity without adding impact!


  • The Fundamental Flow instruction
  • The MetaBlast workout
  • One SpeedBALL ball (Optional)